Saturday, July 5, 2008

It's Coming...

The new site is coming! I got stuck on a few things and got sidetracked but the new site will be up soon because I know that getting my artwork out there is important. I know you will find one piece or many pieces that you absolutely just need to have!


arkaiko said...

Hello Paul:
I really impress when listening your wonderful voice.
You really have a divine gift.
I'm very glad that you are a BGT winner.
Very very much luck in this trip that you begin towards to the fame.
Ronberto S.

Kimberly said...

Hello Paul,
I was speechless as I heard your first audition at BGT...with tears running down my face. Unbelievable. I played it over and over today. And to think you had the courage to go on stage when you are so humble....all I can say is watch out world..
kimberly Galpin

Olga said...

Paul:I have also played your audition segments for myself, family and friends. All were duly impressed and wish you a great future. Since I am a voice teacher, I think you are using your voice well. Get a fine teacher or coach for a speck of refining and then GO FOR IT! People won't miss Pavorati so much.
Olga Gardner
Provo,UtaThe best of luck to you! But hurry up. I will soon be 84 yrs. young........ Olga Gardner, Provo, Utah USA


Christopher Beau said...

Dear Paul,

I just heard your audition video, the past week, and was very very moved by your amazing talent. Since then, I have tried to listen to all that is yours out there, and you are formidable. We just lost Luciano Pavarotti this year, and these are large shoes to fill, but you have what it takes to make it happen. I cannot wait for your records to come out...
Best of luck to you.

Can we be friends? :)


Christopher Beau

ssMarilyn said...

Paul, you are not only a fantastic singer, but an artist as well?? I'm from America, and I absolutely detest opera, but when I listened to you sing for the first time, I cried. I have listened to the same video time and time again, and each time I cry. Your voice and your personality moves me beyond description. Pavarotti doesn't compare.... I have purchased your CD. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening my heart to your voice and opera. Your voice is truly a gift from God. You have been blessed beyond explanation! Thank you Paul!!

phillispmf said...


JeffA said...

Eduardo: thank u paul 4 opening my eyes 2 something bigger than life itself. And above all 4
giving me more confidence in myself than i have ever had in my life . Again sir paul thank u.

Eniko said...

Hello Paul!
We very very like your beautiful sound,and like listen your music!!!
You have got many fan in Hungary!!!
We're waiting your next CDs!!!
Panni,Eniko and Adam

Sherryl said...

Hello Paul,

I found you one day last fall surfing through the internet. I was having a bad day and I couldn't tell you how many times I sat and listened to your audition. Each and everytime I listened I felt better and cried harder. I thought if I ever have the opportunity to listen to you in person I wouldn't miss the chance. Well, I guess I missed my chance. I just found out through a friend you are coming to Mesa, Arizona, this is where I live! I tried immediately to find tickets, only to find nothing. I'm so disappointed and sad that I didn't know about this earlier. I told my Daughter that perhaps we can go sit outside and your voice will carry outside. So, sing loud Paul, please sing loud!!! Maybe you'll come to Mesa again someday! You are one of the most inspiring people I think I've ever heard of. You must be so extremely proud of your accomplishments!

Sherryl Link

Caroline said...

Hello Paul,
I was sent your performance on GBT by e-mail and was instantly brought to tears by your performance.
I am very happy that you will spend the rest of your life doing what you love and moving people with this phenomenal talent you have. You are a wonderful example to all at a time when many role models in the world are questionable at best. I wish you joy and happiness,(since success is a given!),now and always and hope that fame does not change you. Best wishes, Caroline Schutz

Caroline said...

Hello Paul,
I was e-mailed your performance on GBT and was instantly brought to tears. I am very happy that you will spend the rest of your life doing what you love but also serving as an example for many at a time when many role models are questionable at best. I wish you much joy and happiness,(since success is a given!),and hope that fame does not change you but instead enables you to do good in the world and help others. Best wishes always, Caroline Schutz