Monday, February 9, 2009

CHAC Heart Show 2009

The CHAC Heart Show is this Friday. It is the biggest fundraiser for the gallery of the year. Most members and friends of the gallery decorate the a masonite heart to donate back to the gallery. It opens the door for some great creativity. The Heart Show has been going on for ten years now, so needless to say, some folks have started seriously collecting the best hearts they can find. I'm one of those. I have about 25 hearts in my collection and hope to add a few more to that this year.

There is always music, food, a live auction with other donated art, and lots of people - it's just a big Valentines party.

Here are the hearts I made for donation this year. I always try to do one with a rooster and hen theme. I also did a polymer clay sculpture of a mermaid. She is spilling a sea shell full of gold and silver coins. The title is "Buy Me Love". The third I cut out of my own stock of masonite so I could have outspread wings. I added a heart-shaped jewelry box with a heart milagro. The title is "Milagro del Corazon".

Monday, February 2, 2009

Art shows in 2009

I am booked for the month of June at the CHAC gallery, 772 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO. I'm hoping to have an extensive collection of stone sandblasted sculptures for sale art that show. Maybe some paintings too.

I'm going to host an artist sale at the house sometime this summer. Maybe early April depending on the weather. Artist friends bring things to sell as well as lots of my own art - cards, matted block prints, framed art, sculpture, sandblasted glass, miniature paintings and more.

I'll post updates of other shows when they become a reality.