Monday, April 29, 2013

Renewed passion for painting

It is odd what renewed my passion for painting. I got together with friends on Easter. I wasn't going to go because I wasn't feeling well, but I had committed to taking the ham. So, I went. Upon arriving, I was told by my friend Suzanne that I had to join in on the painting party. My head was too fuzzy to think of anything to paint, but she had magazine clippings of different subjects laying around and I immediately was drawn to this owl. So, simple, but multiple layers of paint. So, I started by doing a quick background and then using others' left over paints to start the owl. This included pinks and blues. Even though a six year old fellow painter told me it was silly, I continued on explaining that I feel paintings have to be at least seven layers deep to look complete. She started counting and I got to something around sixteen layers before I felt the painting was finished. I enjoyed the results of this 45 minute painting so much that I have renewed motivation to work on the 20 or so paintings I have started in the studio. Suzanne put the magazine clipping on a card and sent it to me as my birthday card a week later. That was awesome. She gets me.

Suzanne's b-day card

45 minute 16x20 painting