Thursday, May 30, 2013

My contribution to Denver Comic Con 2013

My friend Jesse sent out a call for submission to his comic anthology called "Uncanny Adventures". I had never done a finished strip before so I took the challenge. Because the ideas had been floating in my head for awhile, I made two 'intros' to comic stories. I'll be signing books *heehee* at the 8th Wonder Press booth on Saturday 6/1/13 if you are there.

One, called "The Bucket List of K'abeet ten Kooton", is about a Mayan chocolate maker who died back in the early 12th century by accidentally falling into a large vat of chocolate. His name is Mayan for 'I need a shirt'. Now he comes back for Day of the Dead every year to check things off of his bucket list - things he never got around to doing while he was alive. He pairs up with a newly dead Chihuahua sidekick named Pico. The snarky little Pico knows the modern world better than K'abeet, at least what he saw from his owner's purse, and helps him find items on his checklist.

First page of "The bucket List of K'abeet ten Kooton"
 The other is called "The Red Nebula War". It involves "Two extreme climate planets that are locked in harsh gravitational pull. The habitants of the two planets are also locked in an endless struggle for natural resources located on one of the celestial bodies."

The planet with the valuable iron-like mineral is called Wraft. The inhabitants are octopi-like creatures of extremely high intelligence called Kranes.

The Kranes have incredibly strong skin that protects them from the harsh elements as well as some weapons used against them by their rivals.

The other planet, which has no natural resources and, for the most part, is considered dead, is called Krall. The inhabitants, called Wrenes, are also intelligent, but have become complacent in cultural growth. Their only motivation is to obtain more metal so they call create more machines to do their work for them.

The Wrenes live their existence inside their own Personal Observation Devices (PODs), which are robot forms made from the same strong metal that they seek to steal from the Kranes. They almost never leave the protection of their PODs because they have not developed natural, physical defenses to combat the harsh weather of their own planet.

The story focuses on two main characters – one from both worlds. The Krane is called O’reth. The Wrene is called Demellones. The foes are both Geologists who meet while surveying an asteroid, also caught in the gravitational pull. They are not for the endless war, but also do not care anything for each other.

They put aside their conflict temporarily to try to find a solution to a fatalistic fact that threatens both of their worlds. 
First page of "The Red Nebula War"
I'll add a link later to where one can purchase the books when I have it.