Monday, August 4, 2008

Block Printing

I bought myself a small present awhile back. A Blick Econo Etch Model II printing press. I’m starting small, but I’ve made some interesting linoleum cuts this year. I need to make the time to create some more. I’ve sold about 2 dozen prints so far, so the press has paid for itself already. I'm saving up for a press like Picasso had. I saw it in his home (now museum) in Paris. It was beautifully ornate and looked to be about 24 inches wide with a 6 foot table. The closest I can find like it for sale these days is this: I'll have to keep looking for a better example.

Here are some of my favorite blocks that I’ve done this last year.

The New Couple. 5x7, 2007

Contemplative Angel. 11x14, 2007.

Pincher Series I. Six 5x7 prints, 2007.

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