Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tri-color silkscreen

I added two more colors to the robot silkscreen to make it more interesting. The lightning bolt from the gun and electricity coming from the rod on the robot's head is the first layer. The background to the robot is the second layer. and the black outline is the third.

I learned a lot doing this myself and without a hinge screening setup. Lesson learned: don't try to line them up freehand. But I had fun doing these. I made about 50 prints on shirts and about 10 prints on paper and canvas.

People loved the robot on the button up shirts. Not surprising when you see the saturated t-shirt market. I like what I saw Eighty Eight brand doing with the striped button-up long-sleeves. I'm already thinking about future silkscreen patterns that would work well on blazers and classy long-sleeves.

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