Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010 Art Goals

This is a little late in posting, but I have to make goals to push myself out of the happy, comfortable box I'm in. I try not to "compare" my lists to others lists and I don't intend to flaunt my list - only to ask for encouragement from my artist friends. If you think I'm nuts for making such goals, well, that is fine. I'm still going to list them. My 20 art goals for 2010 are:

  1. make a 2010 self-portrait
  2. get back to doing animation and make a short film
  3. relearn some movie making applications
  4. start selling on Etsy.com
  5. finish kinetic box sculptures/paintings/collages
  6. make a 'day of the dead' kinetic carnival - with at least 6 rides
  7. donate 10 art pieces to good causes - finished 3/14/10
  8. learn more digital illustration software applications & 3-D rendering tools
  9. sculpt the stone boulder on the back porch
  10. make more silk-screens
  11. make more block prints
  12. start Flickr account - finished 2/10/10
  13. make glass dinnerware for 10 settings in kiln by May - finished June, 2010
  14. make Carlos Martinez memorial shadowbox
  15. make framed collage pieces of trips I’ve taken
  16. maintain the art blog
  17. sculpt more marble spheres
  18. take an art class in oil painting
  19. make and sell another 500 greeting cards in 2010
  20. Make at least a piece of art for each day in 2010 – be prolific like Picasso

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Anonymous said...

Way to think outside the box, and reenergize some of those passions that you have stepped away from. I have no doubt that you will complete your goals, and hope you will enjoy the journey. In addition, how about a trip to the wine country of France with a side trip to see the museums in Florence... I'll help plan it... Sam