Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day of the Dead quilt in three evenings or less

I have to tell the funny story that goes with the making of this quilt. We were having a "cube decorating contest" for Halloween at work. No one was really getting into it, but then my work friend, Ann, decorated her cube exterior with just sheets of Day of the Dead fabric. I really enjoy giving Ann a hard time about everything, so I dropped the comment, "This isn't decorating a cube.  You didn't even do anything with your fabric. I'll show you how to decorate a cube. I'll make a quilt with my Day of the Dead fabric." She doubted my sense of competition. So, in two evenings, I made a 30" x 30" flip-n-stitch quilt. I also brought in 4 full boxes of decorations and covered my cube. We both ended up winning equal-valued gift cards for our decorating efforts, so I didn't technically win, but we know what really went down.

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