Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Year of the Octopus

I really enjoyed making the paintings I did for this show. I wanted to go with the title of The Year of the Octopus, but not everyone did Octopus pieces. You can see that I stuck to the theme though - at least with the paintings.

"Last Battle for the Red Nebula" - one of my favorite from this show.

"Fetch" - the story is that the little girl mermaid is playing fetch with her pet octopus.

"Cephalopod Menace" - This 28" x 36" canvas looks so much more vibrant in real life. I might add to it though after the show if it doesn't sell.

This is a fun study on three canvases 8x10. It is a mixture of stenciling with spray paint and acrylics. Each one turned out a little different.

This is one of my favorite pieces. The movement created by connecting the three canvases drew the interest of a lot of people at the show.

"Se Calma Mi Pulpo" - "Be calm my octopus" seemed like a good title for this tender piece. It appealed most to a pregnant woman who wanted to put it in her nursery.

I will add more later.

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