Monday, February 6, 2012

Other painted glass pieces

I am enjoying the painted glass look. I added it to some pieces other than pendants and liked the results.

This first plate broke in its second kilning. It went back in a third time to fuse it back together, but didn't come all the way back together, so I thought it would be a good practice piece with the paint. I think it looks good. I learned some things with blending the paint and layering. Because it didn't get back up to a full fuse, the paints still had a dull finish to them - even though it is securely fused to the glass. The lesson learned is that the paint is essentially a glass glaze and needs to go up to a full fuse in order to have the shine of glass.

The cardinal plate was some orange/green swirl glass that I lost track of the COE (meaning I couldn't mix it with other glass), so I fused it to itself after using some paint to enhance the natural bird design that occurred with the orange. I gave this piece to my mother for Christmas 2011. She likes cardinals.

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