Monday, August 6, 2012

Other Victorian-age Humor

I like art that tells a story, especially if it is a humorous story. The following are pieces I felt I had to do because of the humor or story behind them.

20,000 Leeks Under the Sea  4"x12"

I 'stole' this gag from my friend Ann, who said she mispronounced the famous title this way when she was a kid. They have a form that make them a possibility for a whole other species of cephalopod.

A Doll from Above  2-6"x8" canvases

I thought, what if one of the smart octopi from the deep discovered an abandoned Victorian doll. This is that moment of discovery.

No Ceph Left Behind 4"x4"

An alien cephalopod is left behind on a distant planet by its companions. Just one of a thousand stories this one tells.

Deep Water Discoveries  24"x36"

I might have to add a gentleman's cane to this one so that the eye follows around to the bottom right corner to see the Victorian-style glasses. I've been adding to this one for two years now.

Nine Victorian Kittens   9-4"x4"

I could do another hundred Victorian character studies in cat form. These were so fun to do and received great feedback.  

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