Friday, November 1, 2013

Denver Barrel Art

These are images of the barrel I did for the Denver Barrel Art contest sponsored by Tequila Herradura. The restaurant hosting the barrel is La Sandia. We had a fun Reveal night on October 30th. Thanks to all of the friends who came out to share the night's events with me. I was given the barrel on October 14th, so not a lot of time to decorate. I think it turned out fun though. the story if of the goddess Mayahuel, who "is the female divinity associated with the maguey plant [agave] among cultures of central Mexico in the Postclassic era of pre-Columbian Mesoamerican chronology, and in particular of the Aztec cultures. As the personification of the maguey plant, Mayahuel was also part of a complex of interrelated maternal and fertility goddesses in Aztec mythology and is also connected with notions of fecundity and nourishment."

left side

Mayahuel - Goddess of the Agave plant

right side - soldier offering sacrifice

right side - soldier offering sacrifice


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