Thursday, January 13, 2011

2010 Art Goals Revisited

I just recently discovered Seth Godin. He had a very relevant and pithy quote related to my "Goals" post - "Real artists ship." Godin uses ship to mean completion of any project, personal or professional.
He points out that not shipping is just an expression of fear of failure. In his failing is as much of being an artist as shipping. In this post on Tim Burton, Seth sums it up succinctly:
One key element of a successful artist: ship. Get it out the door. Make things happen.
The other: fail. Fail often. Dream big and don't make it. Not every time, anyway.

His post named YearInReview 2010 encouraged to post the following list.

Here is the list I posted last year of art goals I wanted to accomplish. I have added the comments to whether they were accomplished or not.

  1. make a 2010 self-portrait - I made several, but I have to decide which will be the official one.
  2. get back to doing animation and make a short film - No
  3. relearn some movie making applications - No
  4. start selling on - No
  5. finish kinetic box sculptures/paintings/collages - started. I hope to do many in 2011 and show them in the June show
  6. make a 'day of the dead' kinetic carnival - with at least 6 rides - No
  7. donate 10 art pieces to good causes - finished 3/14/10
  8. learn more digital illustration software applications & 3-D rendering tools - No
  9. sculpt the stone boulder on the back porch - No, but I sculpted many other large stones.
  10. make more silk-screens - No
  11. make more block prints - No
  12. start Flickr account - Started 2/10/10
  13. make glass dinnerware for 10 settings in kiln by May - finished June, 2010
  14. make Carlos Martinez memorial shadowbox - finished October 2010
  15. make framed collage pieces of trips I’ve taken - No
  16. maintain the art blog - 50 posts isn't great for a year, but it was updated with new art pieces.
  17. sculpt more marble spheres - No
  18. take an art class in oil painting - No
  19. make and sell another 500 greeting cards in 2010 - Finished - I sold about 700 cards this last year.
  20. Make at least a piece of art for each day in 2010 – be prolific like Picasso - No
Not to make excuses, but the back patio did take up a lot of my art time last year. I still have lots to do with laying stoen in the yard, but I am going to try to balance it a little better with the wood pieces I want to make. Several of the goals I didn't accomplish, I am going to add to my list for 2011.

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Sam Potts said...

Congrats for 'putting yourself out there' for others to see... I know that you feel some frustration by not completing all you intended to do, but trust me, you have probably accomplished more in one year than many folks in decades. I know that there is a whole other list that isn't here that has tasked you, not the least of which is the tremendous work on the back yard, the learning about fuzing glass, the endless hours of teaching yourself to be a bee-keeper, and I could go on. You are applauded and I hope 2011 just brings more fun and challenge to your life, Sam