Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 Art Goals

I rethought some of my 2010 goals and made them more obtainable, yet still challenging. I will try to post them as I achieve them.

  1. Make a 2011 self-portrait
  2. Start selling on
  3. Have 10 art shows
  4. Set up woodworking space in shed to be usable
  5. Get back to doing animation and make a short film
  6. Relearn some movie making applications
  7. Make 30+ automata pieces - kinetic box sculptures/paintings/collages
  8. Make a 'day of the dead' automata carnival - with at least 6 rides
  9. Donate at least 10 art pieces to good causes
  10. Learn more digital illustration software applications & 3-D rendering tools
  11. Sculpt the stone boulder on the back porch
  12. Make more silk-screens
  13. Make more block prints
  14. Make framed collage pieces of trips I’ve taken
  15. Finish 10 paintings (start with paintings I never got around to finishing)
  16. Sculpt more marble spheres
  17. Take an art class
  18. Maintain the art blog - 50 or more posts
  19. Make and sell another 500 greeting cards in 2011
  20. Make at least a piece of art for each day in 2011 – be prolific like Picasso

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