Thursday, July 17, 2008

The artist Carlos Martinez

My friend and mentor artist Carlos Martinez died back in 2006, but I still miss him. His presence in still in my life, because I have dozens of his pieces of art on display in the house. What I miss most is the motivation and inspiration he provided when we talked about art and artists.

Carlos was a prolific artist, especially in the 80s after his divorce and the tough years that followed. His pieces are filled with interspection and sometimes you see a deep level of grief in the eyes of his creatures. I think that is easier to see when you view his body of work. You can get a better understanding of the artist from several pieces than from one that might seem "scary" or "dark". They don't look that way to me. I feel their connection to Carlos' Experience of Life.

I wish I could find a way to put his works online - even create a web page dedicated to his complete works. His family owns the largest number of his pieces, but he left me his slide portfolio that contains over 400, well-documented, images. Someday soon, they will find their way to a place where people can view and enjoy the works of Carlos Martinez.


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