Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sandblasted works by Mike Penny

Talking about sandblasting, Mike Penny really is the one that got me into the medium. Awhile back, we started talking about his idea of creating faux relics. It is a time when people are willing to buy an ancient-looking stone without having to pay the price of a true relic. I love the idea of taking a new piece of art and half-burying it in your yard for guests to discover and be in awe.

Even though I have my own sandblaster now, I still purchase Mike's pieces because he finds such great stone to work with and comes up with some incredible designs. Here is a piece I commissioned from him after I saw a similar piece he had done (that is a quarter in the bowl to give an idea of how large it is):

Mike Penny's website where you can purchase his blasted wonders is:

What image or words would you leave in a long-lasting medium like stone?


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