Friday, July 25, 2008

A few words about other artists named Paul Potts

I am NOT the British Opera singer, Paul Potts. I am the American multi-media artist, Paul Potts.
You wouldn’t think it was that common of a name, but I had similar troubles of mistaken identity back in high school. When I was a freshman there was a senior also named Paul Potts. We even had art class together! He was also a very talented artist – beautiful illustrations. I think he owns a hair salon in Tucson, Arizona these days. Anyhow, I remember a couple times when I was called into the principal's office for misdemeanors that my namesake had committed. That was exciting – let me tell you.

If you are interested in the singer artist Paul Potts, click here.

And no, I don’t sell his CDs here…but you can find them at

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