Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First posting for the new Paul Potts blog site!

Oh yeah, I'm excited.

A new venue to post my art and talk about art. That really is my goal here. Art is my passion, and regardless of my audience, I want to explore making new art as I discover new artists and view new art mediums.

For instance, this year I got help from my brother, Dan, to install my compressor and sandblasting cabinet. This new tool has opened so many new art forms for me. I started with stone and glass, but there are possibilities with blasting blocks for block printing in wood, plastic or even linoleum. I've done a few pieces of furniture and stone yard art pieces. This one is called "Garden Sparrow" (granite, 2007). I love it. It is a fun start to the type of sculpture with sandblasted highlights that I want to create.

Two other quick thoughts:
Take a look at my older website that has over 100 of my art pieces in the "Virtual Gallery". Please comment on what you see there. Here is the link:

Also, a BIG THANKS to Skinnyboy for the help on getting this blog set up and running for me. Sorry that it has taken me so long to get it together. Visit his blog at http://dogsarefunyes.blogspot.com/


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